Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes have been around for a long time but recently have become very popular. The popularity stems from the fact that they are so cute and practical. And that is what you will find with our line of diaper cakes here at Wee One Baby Gifts. Diaper cakes are made from diapers of course and then decorated with various items that both the new baby and mommy can use. Our line of diaper cakes even features diapers made from biodegradable diapers that good for both baby’s delicate skin and the environment.

A diaper cake is a great baby gift for many occasions. They make great centerpieces for any baby shower. They are also the perfect office or corporate baby gift because they are often gender neutral, filled with things that all babies will use and very festive to help celebrate the special time in the co-workers life. A diaper cake is also a wonderful gift to take to the new mom and baby at the hospital. They are just as pretty as flowers and practical at the same time.

Our selection of diaper cakes offers everything from simple and elegant like the Pure Kaloo Mini diaper cake to huge and whimsical like the Yankees towering diaper cake. We have the fun Winnie The Pooh cake and even several organic that are filled with green items. We offer the best and sweetest diaper cakes you can find.

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